Being an Introvert by DoctorSatan

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Being an Introvert

DoctorSatan (View Blogs)
4 months ago, 54 Views
Category: Other
Hey guys, I don't normally talk about myself besides a few small things such as likes/dislikes. I'm not an open person by nature, as you can probably tell by the title. I'm also not an expert in psychology so take everything you read in this blog with a grain of salt, since its anecdotal not scientific.

Ever since I was young I've enjoyed doing my own things as opposed to socializing or doing other things, which is probably why I did poorly in school. I have always had a small group of friends (never more than four, now it's two) and didn't care about anything I wasn't personally interested in. I know this sounds stuck up, but it's the way I'm wired. Despite my apathy towards other people and events, I do not lack empathy: in fact, when it comes to people I'm close to, I often have too much of it.

I often find myself losing focus on things, but I was never diagnosed with ADD because it's simply not a disorder, but a personality trait. I've done a few online tests, and while none of them are MBTI certified, I'm around 80-90% introverted. Despite what you may have heard, this does not prevent me from being a functioning member of society. I've worked multiple jobs which required me to deal with people, and while I absolutely dreaded them and was left with little energy by the end of the day, I managed. It's definitely more difficult for an introvert than an extrovert, but we get by. If you have severe problems in situations like this, you most likely have social anxiety, paranoia, or some other mental disorder which is more commonly associated with introverts; however, this isn't exclusive to them.

Despite all of this I'm not complaining. My lack of desire for most things has given me more drive to work on the things I care about. While I've had many moments in my life where I stopped caring and felt like giving up, I'm glad to say I'm past that, and have been accepted into a college. I plan on attending it and forcing myself to socialize, despite my nature. If you're introverted as well I'm not saying you do the same, just don't let a minor personality trait ruin your life.
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What do you think of this?

4 months ago
extroverted ppl r loud and fucking annoying case closed
4 months ago
Sounds like something an extrovert would say.
4 months ago
I'm extroverted and I'M PROUD.
4 months ago
I'm proud mother
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