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Student Loans

DoctorSatan (View Blogs)
4 months ago, 45 Views
Category: Rants
I never understood my generation's inability to take responsibility for their actions. I just finished reading a news article saying the US should spend 1.4 trillion dollars and forgive everyone's student loan debt. I'm sure the same idea is floating around Canada, right now. Even as someone who is currently signed up for student loans and taking a college course soon, I'm completely against this.


According to the pie chart, only 62% of graduates work a job that requires a college degree, and only 27% work a job that relates to their major; statistically speaking, the majority of the debt that will be forgiven, is debt that the student got into, and didn't do anything useful when they actually did graduate. Then, there's also the fact that the US has the lowest college completion rate in the developed world.


Student debt is a consenting action. Arguments can be made that interest rates are too high in certain areas, etc. (where I live, they give you a six month grace period to pay your debts back without interest) but it is ultimately your choice. To take tens of millions of consenting transactions between people and corporations, then use taxpayer money and "forgive" them, is ridiculous. Here are some better solutions:

1. Eliminate some of the power teacher's unions have. In public schools, it's often very hard to fire bad teachers, because they're protected by unions. Like any other job, if you suck at it, you should be fired from it. Simple. If your education sucks in high school, you're likely going to fail in college, and end up taking out student loans you cannot repay. While the US has some of the best colleges in the world, they have some of the worst high schools.

2. Stop using fear tactics to make children believe they'll be working shitty jobs without a four year college degree. I experienced this in school, as I'm sure many others did. Many people work trades and make more money than these idiots who have massive debts from colleges. Most trades require a course that takes 1-2 years to complete that only lasts a few months, so they can do it while they're working. Lots of students interested in trades are being pushed into careers they couldn't care less about.

3. While your cores (Math, Science, English and Social) are certainly important, there needs to be more focus on teaching applicable life skills in school. Yes, your parents are responsible for a lot of it, but everyone is in different situations: some work long hours, some have mental problems, etc. The amount of young adults going out into the world without basic knowledge of how to do taxes, get a lease, take out a mortgage, etc. is astounding.

4. Actively boycott the "gender studies" type courses. These courses are run by radicals to scam naive young adults out of their money, and fill their head with propaganda which makes them unproductive, and often violent, members of society. I don't think Government action should be taken, because they ultimately have the right to teach this nonsense in private colleges, however it is harming our society.

I'm sure there's many more solutions to this problem that are less costly than forgiving student loan debt. I also realize most people here probably don't give a shit about this blog. If you made it this far, have a cookie.
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What do you think of this?

4 months ago
I'll check it out. Do you have a link to the stats?
4 months ago
There is reason to worry about tenure, but the solution is NOT weakening the unions. If you look at some actual statistics comparing non-union charter schools to unionized public school districts, the latter always has better student success and non-unionized schools firing qualified teachers for cheap replacements is a MAJOR problem that only fucks students.
4 months ago
1 and 4 are completely stupid dude. College professors do not belong to the "scary" teachers unions you're thinking of, all what you're proposing will do is make our public elementary and high school systems even worse. I've worked in the high school systems, and it's no coincidence the worst public districts have the weakest unions
You can't survive off $40k a year while stocking a classroom on that budget.

4 won't change shit. People who get into something like that KNOW they aren't getting a job in fucking Gender Study.
4 months ago
I’ve had some really bad teachers before. The only teacher my school has fired was a summer school teacher who looked like Mr. Incredible’s boss, because he was preaching government conspiracies and cover ups to his class over the summer.

My school doesn’t preach to us about colleges, they preach to us about joining the military.

And my school is very rural. I have my core classes, and I don’t think I need most of what I’m learning in math tbh. Most of my electives are involving engineering or agricultural jobs, and I want to be an animator. Luckily we have a class for that.

And I agree with your view on gender studies. It’s a waste of time and money and it’s filling the world with self righteous SJW’s who attack (verbally [or physically in some cases]) anyone who disagrees with them.

And yeah, in all paying off everyone’s student loans is a horrible waste of money. Why do that if it’ll just put the whole nation in more debt?
4 months ago
that’s why god made sugar daddies init
4 months ago
I mean, the USA is already 20 trillion dollars in debt. ($20,000,000,000,000). We can spend an extra trillion dollars lol.

Honestly, if you can't afford college, don't go. I will not go to college without a full ride. I mean, if I can't go to college, I can go to welding school or some other trade, and get a just as well paying job.

And even if I don't go to trade school, my grandfather got a very high position job in the FBI with only a high school diploma, just because he was a hard worker.

Idk, maybe I don't understand why I need to go to college, but I feel like there is more to life than sex, and college.
4 months ago
If you disagree with me, please tell me why. The best way to learn isn't necessarily by doing something many times, but by doing something wrong, learning why it's wrong, and correcting your mistakes.
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