I Met Him On Tinder by onceuponatime

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I Met Him On Tinder

onceuponatime (View Blogs)
2 weeks ago, 44 Views
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Now i already know what you're thinking from this title. Tinder? Isnt that an app just for sex and desperate losers? And a few months ago i wouldve thought the same thing. I guess i was pretty desperate. I spent almost my whole summer locked in my room and i was desperate to get out. I didnt expect anything to come from tinder. I just wanted to check out what it was. When i first made my account i was suprised. There was actually good-looking people on there. The next day i got some messages from some guys. Some were the typical sex messages but some where from actual nice guys. One guy even offered to take me to a concert to see the weeknd! But unfortunately i was locked out of my account for no reason so i lost contact with the people i met. I made more account and met some people. I have a couple of stories i can tell but ill tell the best one. This is a story of a naive girl named Rose and a boy named Brandon. Now when brandon messaged me i was currently planning to meet this other guy. Me and brandon was talking and the next day last second he asked me out to see a movie. I was home alone. My aunt and uncle both worked at night and wouldnt come back till 6am. Since i had all that time to kill i decided to meet him. Now ill try not to make this too long so ill just write about our first date. So i spend some time getting ready and waited on him to pick me up. At one point i was worried he wouldnt show up but he did. I walked down the stairs and my brain was thinking all kinds of thoughts. What if he was a murderer? What if he raped me? What if he was a catfish? I thought about turning around and canceling but i was already out the door. His car was tan and he was parked right out front. I waved and thought he saw me but as i approched the door he was looking at his phone. I neverously said "Hey" and he jumped up suprised by my sudden intrusion. I jumped back shocked at his suprised since i thought he saw me. He calmed down and greeted me and i got into his car. He had a vape pen in his hand. (Now i have a horrible memory so most of the conversation was a blur) He told me his name is Brandon. He looked cute but i dont remember looking at him that much because i was so nervous. He was tall with light skin. He had brown eyes that sometimes looked green to me. He dressed casually just a teeshirt and jeans with matched what i wore. I was glad he knew where he was going. I was somewhat quiet in the car besides when he asked me questions about myself. I kept thinking about what my parents would think if they knew i was out with a stranger without their permission. I tried not to think about it too much because it only made me more nervous. We eventually got to the movie theater. When we approched the door we found out that...it was closed....(Ok so i made this way too long so im going to cut it off here Let me know if you guys want part 2!)
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What do you think of this?

Imperial Majesty
1 week ago
@bruhchan LOL
2 weeks ago
He's a douchebag.
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
Did this happen?
2 weeks ago
Is that a good thing?
2 weeks ago
sounds like a script for a netflix original series
2 weeks ago
A story
2 weeks ago
is this a blog post or a story?
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