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Blog Day One

Dancer13 (View Blogs)
5 months ago, 32 Views
Category: Other
I know what you're thinking. Posting a blog on SN? Weird. You aren't wrong, but I have no other place to express myself as of right now. Life has been sucky, it wasn't a week ago. But of course, things happened. I am in trouble, big trouble. I keep crying over and over again to try and see if that helps, it doesn't. Thinking is my enemy. The more I think the more I remember and want to forget. Sometimes I feel so stupid for saying or doing the things I've done. None major enough, but enough to hurt me.Today's message is to be careful. Don't trust everyone and to look out and see who yiu're talking to. You never know how much you can trust anyone, until something happens.
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What do you think of this?

4 months ago
@Jinx @Alycat18 glad to see you relate and understand
4 months ago
@bruchan a lot of bullsh1t
5 months ago
Same tho. Relatable.
5 months ago
Bruhh, I connect with this.
5 months ago
lol y what happened
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