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Music is the best thing in the

frostythehutt (View Blogs)
2 months ago, 21 Views
Category: Rants
So I have a ton of time on my hands rn because we have the PSAT tomorrow so no homework for rn. And I thought i might do a blog bcs why not.

I frickin love music. I listen to it all the time every single day. I play multiple musical instruments. I enjoy composing and have taken music theory classes to do so.

I always noticed how when I don't have a similar taste in music with someone, often times I don't get a long with them, mostly because a lot of being friends with me is me sending you music lmao.

But there's something so beautiful and amazing about lyric writing and song writing. I don't have a definite favorite genre but I most definitely know what I don't like. Songs with linear lyrics that only have one meaning, and songs with predictable chord progressions that have been used since the beginning of time.

Because i'm so involved in music and have been a part of an orchestra for many years (and a choir for 3 years), I find myself getting, almost, insulted by pop music. Yknow to me it's the artist and the radio stations saying "I'm able to feed the general public shitty music because they'll always eat it up without question". Now that's not to say all pop music is bad, there are definitely a few gems I get to hear in the car once in a while, but I believe that music for everyone just isn't for me.

Some pop stuff I like are lots of songs by The Neighbourhood, although I'd say they're alternative pop. Paramore's newer stuff has definitely taken an 80's pop vibe. And I used to really be into Young the Giant. I've been a fan of Rex Orange County for a while and he's making his way into the pop scene too. Panic at the Disco definitely is that alternative/emo/rock pop kinda mixture but I still consider a lot of his work to be pop, I'm definitely a fan though (except for the most recent album).

I'm always the first person to give music recommendations, and the first person people ask for them. Unfortunately for me the artists and songs I typically like aren't well known so I have a hard time finding merchandise or physical copies of their music. Another sad thing is that they definitely don't release music as much as higher paid musicians, for obvious reasons. Some underappreciated artists I can recommend for anyone are Scott James (Ropes, Belvedere, and Hot Spot are some of my favorites, Perlo (Masters and Pools), and a band called Pretty Girls Make Graves (Teeth Collector and Something Bigger Something Brighter).

But I think a big part of saying you're a musician is knowing what you like and dislike about songs. Too often I ask people what they like about a song and they can't tell me or just say they like the lyrics or something vague. That partly has to do with just a sort of "language barrier" as most people don't know a lot of music terms or I guess, how to properly use them. I definitely have patterns with music I enjoy, but I can always pinpoint exactly what I like about a song.

Things that stick out to me are a deep well executed bass line, whether it be bass guitar or a low synth beat, really any sort of deep harmonizing tone that sets the root of whatever chord is playing. I went through a strong 4 years of edm phases and a very very deep bass was always something I gravitated towards. I blame that from me playing the double bass for 6 years. Another thing that catches my ear are nonfunctional chords and chord progressions. Another way to put that is just out of the ordinary melodies. Since i've been in orchestra for so many years I really have an ear for patterns in music and when I hear something new it always gives me goosebumps. I've noticed typically that these things sound terrible to other people, but I can make sense of it in my mind. In more upbeat rock type music, an interesting and complex drum beat is always something I appreciate. Along with my love for a deep bass line, a steady but complex rhythm guides a song and is the main determinant of the mood of the song. And finally, as an overarching pattern to the music I enjoy, is an, ethereal, floating, guiding, and deep sound. Usually I like emotional music and thats where it typically applies, but even the faster paced happy music I like has some sort of nice synthetic undertone.

When it comes to lyrics, i'm a fan of allegorical and metaphorical lyrics. A lot of the songs I like I had some idea of what the lyrics meant, then I found out the meaning and it was something completely different. Yknow it's the songs that can apply to multiple problems in life, but still feels very specific to whatever you're feeling. Lyrics with many meanings also convey a plethora of emotions. When you're writing lyrics and are feeling so many intense emotions at once, how could you possibly sum it up in a straight forward line. The reality is, emotions are not always straight forward. And when someone can successfully show this, it's a sign of a great song writer. This completletely contradicts what I just said, but honestly sometimes the plain, straight forward, in your face lyrics impact me the most. The different, as shown by an example, is it's not just "I'm sad", it's deeper than that. It's someone saying "I'm dying". It's that extra step in description, that brutal honesty that you might not want to sing or write down. When they sing it and it sounds painful, I get goose bumps. A good example is The Neighbourhood's song "Leaving Tonight". It begins with the words "You fool me from the start, when you let me start to love you". Yknow there's no metaphor, no hiding from what happened. And he sings it so desperately with a yearning tone, thats a beauty that I see.

Sry this was so long I just had all these thoughts in my head

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What do you think of this?

2 months ago
@cowkkun well she disliked my blog lmaooo, so i assumed she meant accessory in a negative way, as in something thats a part to a whole that's more significant/
2 months ago
From a, musical creativity and.... I don't know the term.

Anyway, the song The Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel, he basically played the drums backwards (off beat, whatever) to create the sense of actually being on a boat
I always loved that song because of it.

Idk. This post just made me think of that song
Imperial Majesty
2 months ago
that's what she meant @frostythehutt
though i disagree with her, music is very good on its own on top of enhancing things
2 months ago
@sayaka i'd argue that music enhances superior mediums
2 months ago
Long af but I read it. I relate
2 months ago
Music is just an accessory to superior mediums.
2 months ago
world* LMAO
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