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Who are you?

ghostface (View Blogs)
2 weeks ago, 25 Views
Category: Uncategorized

Out of everyone...who are you?

Are you the loved one?

The sad one?

The angry one?

The remembered one?

The forgotten one?

Or are you simply everything at the same time?

I'm everything and yet value nothing.

A fool's gold.

No value.

Life's taught me a lot of things

Believe me

I am someone who is at the same time nobody.

Yet I can change that

But my strength isn't enough.

But sometimes i got to face it

I can't hide or run away.

Everything is unfair.

But I can't sit down and cry

Life is not fair they'll say.

But here I am..

Here are we

Living and breathing

Even though we wish we wouldn't.

But even after everything

We've been passed.

Like, harassment, sexual abuse, self harm.

We are still alive

We are okay

Even though we don't believe it

I wish we could stop




Yes life sucks

And yes I dont know what I'm talking about

But even though we are not experiencing

The same thing

We could always help.

Not by resolving the issues

Since we can't if we had to be honest

People here don't know each other

Sometimes we say things

That think is only a joke

But we harm

Our words are powerful

How you use them can distinguish yourself

Are you the bully?

Are you the bullied?

Are you the victim?

Are you the guilty?

Are you the one who gives love?

Or are the one who tears them down?

Who are you?
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What do you think of this?

6 days ago
Thank you! I appreciate it.
6 days ago
Hm, I actually quite like this.
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