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Alucard (View Blogs)
3 months ago, 26 Views
Category: Poetry
I started writing this months ago while I was having some ED trouble:

Body aches, my guts to tight
Gotta kill this appetite
This hunger, this hunger
It's eating me alive
But it won't be satisfied
No, I wont-- I won't be satisfied
I'm the one who won't be satisfied
It's draining, it's straining, it's pulling me apart
Sucking flesh from my bones while I depart
It's consuming, I'm losing, it makes my body shake, it makes my heart break when
In the mirror I see nothing but but mistakes
They say mind over matter, well mine's killing me
I find that I romanticised a body
Collapsed and vandalized
I can't seem to find
A way to feed this hunger
And it kills me every time
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What do you think of this?

3 months ago
@cowkkun i know you're trying to make a joke but that's a little insensitive
Imperial Majesty
3 months ago
You feel this way because you cant keep a boner?
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