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1 week ago, 21 Views
Category: Poetry
(Last edited by: ghostface, 1 week ago)
Each of us are melodies,

All waiting for our tune to go wry,

Life might grant us more babies,

But Death's humour never goes dry.

Songs, old and broken,

Are usually the ones to go first,

But sometimes Death changes flow,

Sometimes, new young ones quench his thirst.

We balance on a harmonious harp,

But some of our notes gets tilted down.

And while some of us will sing our way up,

Some of us might never again make a sound.

All strings get old,

And sometimes we get out of tuned,

No matter how hard we try to hold,

Our grips loosen because we can no longer be attuned.

Our music goes frail,

And we slowly fade from existence,

But while our voices may pale,

Our past songs will forever linger.

For the first steps we take,

Our lyrics embed into earth,

As we continue to strum in our wake,

We leave a lyrical legacy behind.

Each of us are melodies,

All waiting for our tunes to go wry,

Some of us may have remedies,

But some of us just turn awry.

Each of us is our own melody

Each of us is our own song
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