Earthquakes Anyone? by arikneko

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Earthquakes Anyone?

arikneko (View Blogs)
3 weeks ago, 17 Views
Category: Other
(Last edited: 3 weeks ago)
Imagine sleeping and all of a sudden you feel a jolt; Rumble that lasted for 5 seconds. You feel alerted, panicked, and also you have a since of that was cool... Well that's me!!! Hi I'm Aaron I was born in Nevada but raised in California USA where earthquakes are a common occurrence, and I want to start this blog to help others better understanding the physics of earthquakes and how they happen...

12/30- who remembers the 6.1 & 7.1 that happen is Ridgecrest California just two days apart? Cause I do! Wasn't fun I can assure you, waking up to a house that is shifting back and forth, then going to bed and the whole world feeling like it just been hit with a bat... Blinds were quaking, and the pool looked like a pool party after being bliped by Thanos. We didn't think that we were gonna have a quake up North but we did... We didn't hear much about the shake LA app till after the disaster struck... But I would like for systems that alert us about quakes to come faster! What are your thoughts on apps like that?
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What do you think of this?

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
My master @Cowner I beg your pardon?
Imperial Majesty
3 weeks ago
Wholesome. You are a protected class or user.
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