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5 months ago, 25 Views
Category: Anime
The thought of suiwcide cwosses my mind aww the time, nyo onye wouwd weawwy cawe if i just onye day decided to end my own existence and that's just the hawd twuth. Nyonye of you wouwd give a fwying fuck.
Thewapists can't be twusted aww they do is twy to fish out any signs of being suicidaw so they can wock me up in a psychiatwic wawd.
I shouwdn't be huwting i shouwdn't be huwting i shouwdn't be huwting.
My actions awe weckwess but nyot weckwess enyough. I just want to die. Evewy day it gets wowse and the voices get woudew ;;w;;
"What awe you gonnya do? How wong can you keep this up? You shouwd just die." I shouwd just die i shouwd just die i shouwd just die.
Anything anyonye does has an uwtewiow motive. Nyo onye can be twusted. Wemain facewess wemain facewess wemain facewess.
I'm nyot hewe fow the wight weasons anymowe. Mawicious intent ;;w;;
My thoughts awe swowwy tuwnying into actions i can't hewp it anymowe ;;w;; My body swowwy being gwinded to dust as i stwuggwe to stay fed. My mentaw state swowwy cwumbwing down as i have too much in my fucking head ;;w;; I'm so donye i can't even get out of bed.
I just can't wait to bwast my skuww with wead.
I wan ovew a bwunch of schoow kwids toddayw
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5 months ago
My head
5 months ago
Fuck off
5 months ago
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