From Slavery to Freedom by ishq

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From Slavery to Freedom

ishq (View Blogs)
2 weeks ago, 15 Views
Category: Stories
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There was a little boy out playing in the woods. He had been given a slingshot, but he could not hit his intended targets. As he was walking home, he swung is slingshot and accidently killed his grandmother's duck.
He was greatly disturbed, so he hid the duck, but then he noticed that his sister had seen everything. She remained silent. Later, their grandmother asked his sister to do the dishes. His sister said, "Johnny wants to do the dishes." she then whispered to Johnny, "Remember the duck!" The next day their grandfather asked them to go fishing, but grandma said, "I need someone to help me with supper!" The boy's sister declared, "Oh, Johnny would like to do that," and she whispered, "Remember the duck!" Then she went fishing. After a week of tourment, Johnny confessed to his grandmother, and she said "I know. I saw everything. I forgive you. I was just wondering how long you'd let your sister make you a slave to your past."

The tendency of human nature is to enslave us to our past fears, failure and problems, rather than allowing us to be freed, and to launch out new opportunities.

-- Story by Matt Pelicano
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