Short Critique of Sonic Riders by NostalgiaHere

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Short Critique of Sonic Riders

NostalgiaHere (View Blogs)
2 weeks ago, 13 Views
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One of my childhood favorites for the PS2. There are a lot of unique mechanics in the game that make it fun, like the GP gauge, rings as means of activating board abilities, and jump timing. There are a lot of boards to purchase from the shop, each with 3 abilities that can be activated in a race via rings, and what is really cool about them in particular is that you cannot really say that one board is better than the other because they all have unique strengths and weaknesses that make them suited for a specific niche. The game is not amazing graphically, but that is to be expected of a Ps2 game, rather I will give it praise for looking polished and clean despite being graphically behind than look down on it.

Now what I dislike about this game. The square "drift" function, I get that pausing mid-air and doing a rotation till you meet your angle kind of goes with the whole zero gravity theme, but what about when I want to make a sharp turn without slowing myself down to oblivion? Like you know, when there are rings I can't quite get in passing because I am going to fast to turn in time for them, I shouldn't have to basically do a complete stop to drift over to them. My second criticism is the lack of incentive for placing 1st 2nd or 3rd aside from the obvious sense of achievement. Use all your rings to activate your abilities and place first? Well sorry bud, getting 1st is your reward, have fun with your 10 rings.

That's all
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Black Excellence
2 weeks ago
this is what the site was missing
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